Aykroyd’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Comment Draws Retort From Studio

Sony Pictures is firing back at Dan Aykroyd after the actor criticized the director of last year’s Ghostbusters remake for spending too much money on the film.

Aykroyd said on the British chat show Sunday Brunch that director Paul Feig spent an extra $30 million to $40 million on reshoots for the film, making it “economically not feasible” for a sequel.

Sony Pictures spokeswoman Jean Guerin said the company had “a strong relationship” with Feig and “incredible respect for his work.” She said the cost of reshoots was $3 million to $4 million. Sony Pictures hasn’t said whether there will be a sequel. The company does say Ghostbusters television and family projects are in the works.

Aykroyd co-wrote and starred in the original Ghostbusters film and its 1989 sequel.

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